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The Ultimate Guide to Anal Plugs

Heard of anal plugs before?

You might have. In everyday terminology, they’re called “butt plugs.” And they’re a type of sex toy used for anal situation!

The Target Market.

Normally, anal plugs aren’t designed for women – even though they can use it.

They’re made for men. They’re designed specifically to help men “stimulate the prostate,” which is a few inches into the rectum.

And that’s why they’re called anal plugs. They stuff them in, and enjoy the pleasure!

It’s for Prostate Stimulation?


The prostate is a gland that produces the liquid part of semen. But also, it expands/contracts, contributing to the male orgasm.

That’s why stimulating the prostate is a pleasure.

And it isn’t just a pleasure for homosexual men. It’s a pleasure for straight ones too!

Plus, it’s healthy. Direct stimulation of the prostate relieves pressure there.

It keeps the gland in-shape, which is vital for men over 40 years of age!

Should I Get One?

Of course you should.

There’s no shame in prostate stimulation. Just like with most sex toys, you can use anal plugs alone!

However – picking a good model is what’s vital. You need anal plugs that are effective, safe, and give you control over the experience.

So below, we have some advice, and a recommendation…

We’ll first talk about what to avoid. Then, we’ll show you an effective anal plug toy, and why it works!

Avoid – Anal Beads.

Not to say they’re bad. But, they make for an uncomfortable experience…

You see, anal beads aren’t sturdy. They’re excessively flexible, and they don’t maintain enough firmness in your body.

They’re also simplistic. Anal beads are simple cords with beads running through them.

That is – they lack a technological advantage.

And you need technology in a sex toy! You need an item that vibrates at different intensities for added pleasure.

It’s a staple in every modern sex toy. So why ignore it with an old fashion bead?

Avoids Aside…

It’s time to get to the good products.

You need an anal plug. And one we recommend is…

The SVAKOM Judy!


A good model comes from a good “brand.” And that’s what SVAKOM is…

It’s a US brand, with 7 years of experience in the sexy toy market. It’s quite established as a quality and client-pleasing company.

SVAKOM Judy Basics.

It’s a vibrator and anal plug in one!

This is a $70 anal plug.By quality toy standards, this is extremely cheap…

That is – compared to rival brands that cost anywhere from $150 to $250 per item.

However, what’s important is what makes the JUDY a quality model.

It’s technologically advanced, and designed to ease the anal massage experience!

Designed for Easy Penetration.

The JUDY isn’t the average “stick-shaped” vibrator.

It has a slant to it, close to a “semi-erect penis.” And it’s that way for a reason…

The slant allows easy access to the prostate. In fact, the tip of this toy directly makes contact with the gland!

Plus, its shape allows for “g-spot stimulation.” And this means that women can use this toy too!

So it’s a multi-purpose item. You can use it for solo stimulation. Or, you can use it when making love to a partner!

Easy Penetration – Easier Control.

Did you know that it comes with 25 vibration options?

Specifically, you get 5 vibration intensities, plus 5 vibration modes. You can adjust each, truly customizing your experience!

And it’s all done with a simple button on the plug’s knob. And this allows you easy control over intensities mid-use!

What About Safety?

The JUDY doesn’t fail in this department.

The SVAKOM Judy is made of silicone, a soft, rubbery, but also unreactive material. So it won’t irritate your genital or rectal tissue!

Plus, it’s non-conductive. So the electronics housed in the toy are insulated from you!

And speaking of electronics, this toy is battery-powered. Specifically it lasts 3 hours of continuous use after full charging!

So it lasts multiple sessions, and with little “plugging in” required!

Time to Get Your Toy.

There’s much more to say about it…

It’s quality. And that’s not something you can appreciate in text. Instead, you’ve got to try it yourself!

Visit the SVAKOM website, and get your Judy now!