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Tips to make camping sex hotter!

Camping Sex is good as long as you vary things up and try new stuff. For example, using an app controlled vibrator is something unique and exciting, and it will make camping sex hotter. The idea is to adapt and improve the experience as you go along. For some people it will be a bit hard to do so, for others less so. But in the end it all comes down to being happy and trying the things that you enjoy the most.

Pick the best location

Remember that you want to have fun, use sex toys and just enjoy this remote experience. That means picking a location far from other people. However, you do want to stick within the camping grounds, but then again you want to stay away from the center, families with kids and so on. You just want to enjoy this time and it will be a friendly experience.

Get the right gear

You should take some sex toys with you, but the crucial thing is to acquire a sleeping bag and stuff that will make you stay comfortable. Going all out means taking a soft blanket, extra pillow, even an air mattress and so on. That’s really fun to test out and it will give you all the comfort and value you need without being too all out and not that visually appealing to be honest. It all comes down to what you find comfortable here.

Protection is important

It’s still sex regardless of where it will be. So make sure that you use protection and take condoms as well as other stuff with you if possible. That really matters a lot so you should consider using all kinds of protection to make this work. Lube packets, baby wipes and so on are pretty much a must-have here, you just have to keep it in mind.

Set the mood properly

Taking the right actions helps a lot here. You want to create a romantic evening and actively try out some new things that will make this experience more rewarding. You have to take your time and figure out what works for you and at the same time you also want to adapt and enjoy the evening beforehand. It will be a great foreplay as you try to make things better.

Unzip your tent a bit

It’s getting hot inside and you want to stay safe in there. So unzipping your tent just a tiny bit can actively help a lot. You just need to have the right amount of commitment and focus on a great experience. It’s definitely a good idea to focus on experimenting with new positions and if you do that it will be amazing.

As we mentioned earlier, it all comes down to creating a great evening for both of you. And that will lead to some amazing Camping Sex. You can try out all kinds of sex positions, so just take your time and see what works for you!